Dick and Jane Help
Their Neighbor
    A short story that
  looks into the future
  and heart of
  EMCC Helps

To Become a Volunteer:

Contact EMCC Helps at EMCCHelps@gmail.com or call any of our affiliated churches.  It will help to download the volunteer form and carefully pray about where God might want you to fit in and help out.  An EMCC Helps volunteer will contact you to gather all your information and schedule volunteer training.

East Mountain Christian Community
Helping, Elevating and Loving People
We Simply Want to Help

  If you live in the East Mountains of New Mexico, help is just a phone call away.  We are a collection of your neighbors, friends, businesses, churches and other organizations whose only design and hope is to be able to help our neighbors in need, and help in Jesus' name. 
  We want nothing more than to help and love others as God has helped and loved us, without having to jump through a bunch of legalistic hoops, without having to join a church or organization, and without having to "pay back" or perform in any way.

   Our desire and hope is the same as God's; to do no harm to anyone, love everyone in need, and hopefully build healthy, and as God will allow, build strong, healthy and beneficial relationships with our neighbors in the East Mountains. 
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Contact us at: EMCCHelps@gmail.com          East Mountain Christian Community Helping, Elevating, Loving People          Call EMCCHelps @ 505-926-1203
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